August oil

1) Leah W H

Last night Leah came of age when she found the August Oil. She magically captivated a fluttering instant that would have normally flown by her, and made it settle in her for a remarkably long period of time. At this she was happy with herself, and left traces of self-traced self-assurance around the house (buckets of water in corners, clean ashtrays, clean clothes, rainbowy floors, and classified files in their file boxes).

Leah had also stopped making love to her boyfriend two weeks earlier and he had left her consequentially, but that had only reassured her in realizing she had made a mistake with the stud anyway. When she cleaned up she had found a note that was dated two weeks earlier and signed by the ex himself; Leah delighted in her reassurance as she read the note.

“Greed, tender greed, has folded my neck and riveted my eyes on Beta Cassiopeia. Experimented rum-bottle tree pickers (who work while the sun bleeds to its circumcised sleep) have reported “strange viewings of phenomenal lights upon the Eastern Ridges”(Samuel X. Denisom, “L’aventure de Dji-Dji et son arc-en-ciel” , ed. La Souris Verticale, 1932) as had oyster-searchers off the Hebrides in the third century. Thus the modern man, torn apart by his own litany of retrogradation, and illuminated rapidly with an idea of small white crescent characteristics, flutters rapidly (after drifting boxes for five bucks an hour) upon the wooden tarpaulin, and settles rapidly at the obsession of his own twilight.

Luca de M.”

Luca was right, thought Leah, he had understood the cause of her quest and had preferred to leave her do it on her own. And Leah had to come across it from her own mind and her own soul and remove the tyrannical bladder off the greased head, paying attention to the glittering ordeal before her hypodermic proboscis.

And H? Who is H? H the bomb, hidden behind an airplane ticket. H who holds the unconscious between forefinger and thumb between attitudes for the capricious Pacific spoons.

Et H? Qui est H? Celui qui mène aux troubles hypnotiques, ou bien, l’autre, l’aveugle qu’interrompt les sessions maudites en saisissant les concepts à l’envers.

And hence, W, the prototypical theory of échéance and échec and the aboriginal portion of whom did not take it so boringly as had the obvious people before her eyes.

Et W? Qui est W? Souvent subit-il des abcès d’onirisme implacable? Assez souvent? Assez souvent pour rédiger une copie virtuelle de son surmoi – esprit existentiel – à H, maîtresse de la vertu, au code de la loi officielle du gouvernement?

So W and H are taken by each other’s hand and they observe the galleons in the south port and they have envie de plonger dans l’eau tiède et maritimement polluée, and they create noble boundaries of puritanism to escalate each other’s concessions, to organize a clean chaos of retractable matter, of clear supersidiary formations of dubitative realms of mong and promise. Entereth Salwa, and sidewalk-formation was accomplished by laborious well-muscled men of the prerimbaldic eras, qui n’avaient pas encore appris à dérégler tous leurs sens comme Leah faisait d’après elle-même.

2) Message for Human

Circulating in the climaxed room was the message that Leah had left, crammed inside the pepper-pot : an induction to sneeze. Luca did, and that had blurred the ink, but he could still read.

“Répète-toi dans les soirées des autres, vole dans leur identité confuse et bavarde toujours autour du soleil; en prenant la montre pour le temps, les heures te sembleront courtes, tes veillées seront plus sincères, plus fructueuses, et elles te canaliseront ainsi vers les infinis réseaux forfaits, et les gestes maladroits et soupçonnables. Tout cela t’aura déjà semblé évident à un moment donné, maos tu l’auras involontairement oublié comme l’enfant oublie son corps, et en le redécouvrant toutes les flèches du monde finiront par te pointer. Je tourne mes yeux vers la chandelle dansante…

Leah Was Here”.