Metro Cavafis polaroid

i’m all for those polaroids from

tiger beat and i’m scared of mother

tongues and get carried away by silver

ruminations and stomachaches ebbing

inside how silly does it get

advertising nothing not even a

scowl for decapitation in a supermarket

mall of all adversities it had

to be here and now strychnine and

dance forms all muddled up

i have a shaky appendix a great anxiety

for my species i answer voluntarily

others are adamant more periwinkles toot

their engagements and their iphones

garble on in the back of the bus

someone calling a stop stands their

weight is enough to awaken me to defy

circles by standing around scarecrows

and fire alarms neatly dispositioned

deeply moved by your warm screams

and on goes grunge fixing archaic

substance feeding it like faxes i am

glad cavafis or baron corvo were not

on that bus they would have experienced

apoplexy sudden anorexia of the spirit