(\phi\ \to \psi) (or any other logic)

i am certain that no foray is necessary
once the artery is blind once pain has gnawed cables
i retract when knives are close

i interact by furbishing intently all those
semanas santas de l’ennui impoverished thoughts
and radio molasses being spewed

A satisfies (\phi\ \to \psi) if and only if it is not the case
that A satisfies \phi\,\! but not ψ then A satisfies (\phi \leftrightarrow \psi)
if and only if A satisfies both \phi\,\! and ψ or satisfies neither one of them

but i cannot be satisfied by ψ or any other logic
your enamel lament is a case for skin observation i had rugged
bowels from seeing you trying to be ψ

now i purport the labor enough sweat has been
driven from my pores through the angels of your pupils
revolving like industrial revolutions

authorship of the mistaken
have i not slewed sloth through the sword of chipping popcorn
or the oath of swearing on geckoes and geeks

ends and terminates all frequentation of the aforesaid
by law of anger
or just because they didn’t admit it was their turn to do dishes

you have betrothed me with mal de vivre
cease your canto
or the federation shall mistreat you like a weasel

greenspan and cheney shall leap into your life ministry
of defense department of
justice of the mistaken as aforesaid in the name of hereof

under the hoof you scream
i never should have listened to all those cds i should have
listened to you

it’s too pretty with laces
i’m not taking it i’m not a pill or a jukebox besides
you must have panzer divisions in your blood

running astream as you perform naked
i am just a silly man i like to be left alone like to dream
i perform my mistakenness