my body is room for injustice
where grief has carved into the battle
no somnolence must be allowed
no diminishing of the potent flows of gods
in the currents nor the winds
northern climates have bereaved me
bedazzled me wrongly
free to choose demeanor
only to choose behavior
and to fathom only ugliness
as the realm for the future

it’s not about races
and it’s not about class
but there are natural hierarchies
and all other systems
must be
if not suspended
at least suspected and disrespected
because they wreak havoc
and we know this
many times over
it’s not about any sort of distinction
that has already been enunciated
or theorized upon
there are inferior beings
and then there are others
it’s not about races
and it’s not about class
but there are natural hierarchies
that leave traces
that don’t just pass
and can no longer be denied

there is a great honor in course for the weak
– emasculation of their soul
now pirates, grieve!
plunder your own awry tower!
caskets well-received
– and immunity to hatred
and impunity
a toddler’s dream to fight off the anger
and by that win back
all the stolen awakenings
and coolly overcome frustration
blooming unto others what has blossomed
but without love
– o anger conquer me daily
as you creep back surreptitiously
into my throat agape
and yield thunder to its’ strings
for the sake of shadows
as for the subjects of light

don’t bother bringing me down
I already did
nothing you can bring up
can sink me further
should you wish to waste your time
for an attempt at contempt
I repeat
there’s nothing to elicit
by yakking about it
can’t outrank Machiavelli
in learning the illicit
I may bump and oscillate
but you just dump and stagnate
we’re no comrades
this ain’t no cognate
stop showing cocks mate
or you’ll see me irate
which is quite a state
after which I’ll levitate
such is fate

different kins of blood
different kinds of flood
different knights have fled
different nights half-led
different heights I’ve laid
different types a-flayed
different taps are played
different haps a-splayed
different ops for spies
different ox’s four spites
different Oxford pies
different axe Forbes buys
different task far bites
different Apartheids