this is a cult-blog

it is of the purest of natures and should only
arouse the most inspired heights of trust from
its' readers past present or future who should
be thanked dearly and also assured that there is
no weirdo organization behind no gimmick
no dogma no dish-washing no church no money
laundering no evil schemes no plan to
override the servers of the hacked and the
nuts and bolts of their swiss bank accounts
nor to overrule by any means of coertion
(even though the voicing of anger and dissent
must be allowed for the better flow of things)
nor to elicit illicit participation in matters
beyond this blog's most truthful cognition
nor to encourage any kind of lying or mistrust
misplacement or misuse of any magnitude
nor to engage in the worn battles of young
against old or poor against rich or creed
against creed or language or origin or sex
nor will this blog defend such malpractices
of humankind but will be verbally violent if
deemed necessary against such vile endeavors
and hereforth will not engage any further than
to condemn publicly by such means as the
world net and shall not trespass this notion
for this blog's prime understanding has been
that opportunism and neutrality dosed with
sufficiently textured opinion can generate
somnolence in adults and prevent them from
rightfully exerting their democratic prevalences
in spite of the state's repose on such virtual
democracy which can in no way surpass the
level of virtual liberty which humankind finds
on the net through strange connections where
masks appear and disappear momentarily only
to generate waves of approval disapproval or
indifference and to that intent this blog shall
attempt to become a hindsight issue conscious
that its low performance on the competitive
data flow of the worldwideweb signals a unique
anomaly or fatal flaw that will make it greatly
unmistakable in future consultation of its' many
entries leaving an aftertaste of foresight which
will identify it with the cult-blog etiquette in
a rather distasteful manner and it will never be
the pretention of this blog to speculate on whether
it is this or that item in its' flow that will create
a cult following as this blog concludes that any
such exercise will never be scientifically proven
or disproved in any way and hence will abstain
from any further self-judgement and/or appraisal
except to reiterate the crux of the present post:

this is a cult-blog