How to create

find the resonance
explore it
bring it then to the realms
accumulate paroxysms
enjoy them
select magic from amongst
all these excesses
consider the rest immature
only for now
for this
this will be the matter
let the matter clash
into other matter
and repeat the process
almost inadvertedly although
with an honest sense
of discipline and work
structure should only come
from trained instincts
bred over time
mathematics are less important
but must have been digested
customised to self
raised to excellence
through a uniqueness of frame
learning to place the frame
elsewhere is crucial
and must not be taken lightly
for the very structure
can only derive from perspective
and hence the angle of glance
must be groomed obsessively
until a form is visible
and relatable to the matter
that has been raised
so that in due time
a fusion will seem to occur
but only when
enough logical observations
fleeting passions
local instants and parcels
will have been considered
indeed when the frame
and the content have been
thought upon
with sufficient intent
there will be a or many
critical moments
where the whole inception
becomes blurred
or is recommenced
from the smallest of ocurrences
and when this happens
one must not be discouraged
or view this as a setback
for it is a fascinating event
that excites quantum synapses
and in it all the possibilities
can be witnessed together
side by side
and one is able to choose
and to drop anchor
and wait quaintly