Oil & Birds (retro feel)

Here was the land that we had left untouched,
unscathed by roads or churches, to this day
no human enterprise had had its way,
although to try many had lost so much.

Alas but all was greener than the mixed topsoil
and more exuberant than Belizean trees,
exposed with amber and with trickl’d leaves
that pile and rot and later turn to oil!

For many years this land was green beyond belief,
while all around the world was grey and black and dark;
and, when the time was nigh, men built a massive ark
to float in safety to the place of their relief;

so when the flood had plunged in darkness all mankind,
their ark was raised up with the waters to great heights
and then it navigated forty days and nights,
until they freed a dove to see what it could find.

The dove flew out with speed and soon was lost from sight;
aboard there was a frenzy, then a dispute over food
erupted and amounted to the worsening of the mood,
until a few gold bullets in the air ended the fight.

The bird, hearing the shots fired, resolved not to return;
Besides, it wasn’t keen on sharing all that it had found!
It didn’t take a huge debate for this dove to fly down
and start a nest, all but forget the ark, now bound to burn.