Stainless Krill (0, 1 & 9)

(sic) (info-trac)

infatué traqué
infra tué ultra
qu’eut lu trac au
lac à truculentes
truites et cratères
et cataractes
danse à tuque
fatal art d’escrocs
cariatide du phlegme
aspartame aspergé
syndrome des actes
épars des tuiles tristes
tout m’a tété mon trèfle
mon truc cartésien trié
tarse et métatarse
anti-torse et thanatos
et totem t’a bourré
le crâne d’asticots traitres
tant que la craie ne s’arque
ni les crêtes s’écrient asthme
crobarre de foi de flat fiacre
de massacre refibivulé

i (Gibraltar Cañí)

Está muy bien lo de abolir los toros
pero ahora debería de ser obligatorio
que todos los adolescentes vayan
vestidos de torerillo
para lucir paquete y recibir cola

ix (Pidgin Outcry)

do you feel ready to choose?
dance standard vision of god.
bladder cancer and integrity of administrative law
his team is not allowed.
cancellations car accident and cannot include achievement.
if you know it
the animal must have a plant cell phones
so that hurts business
passed, but when i have
can you not hear my stomach erosion?
in insurance, some feel the idea
if the gas suicide acts itself out
your articles have been hurt, police must tell you
silence in fear of your child?
that is why you are…
and there are several reasons.
he is plunged into a blat
if so: wake up ready

destruction, television is generally not correct
we are in this area
please find the performance of higher prices in the imagination
we will respond to open his hand
his parents do not believe this guy is…
greek works: this unit is a teacher
i love it
but i did not…
please, learn to love others
when you let them…
i think you know the night
you need to know it yourself
phone is ready for anything
(movement of the man ...!).

if you travel to these obstacles, they forget
learning to remove the lead pair and pains concrete
violent protest, this is not interference
mainly because doing nothing
i cannot say more than i do
you have the world at least, you owe me around
total very satisfied with purchase
how can i please become a business?
who is responsible? not only a crime
clerical and children
the hierarchy of responsibility
stars responsible for the gravitational orbit
plants, animals, minerals, things, responsibility
hardware, software, u.s. department of defense,
circles, squares, responsibility
that is responsible for 45 000 meters
for life, is in charge of hiding under the sun
what time is it? rock around the animal
jacket, the pentagon and other minerals
what are your responsibilities, star?
astrology is not unusual for black holes
no need to use responsibility, as a method, or items
if you are responsible for what you should live

ombudsman and glouton!
we have died on tape!
our omega - 3,6, ak!
today, we learn more from god
saturday, 05 september, including radiation and half
then, pull back and between the covers
but we must make a mistake
we believe it is important to remove them
they are a threat to worry about this package
sacrifice love independent thought is one
do you feel ready to choose?
dance standard vision of god
regulation and traffic accidents
his team is not allowed
this is followed by cancer, including a full bladder
if you know it we are with him, do good
you can hear a strange corner of the internet flotilla
7 seconds, someone called, dogs
i (small image on your computer
high only! ) others
finally, before we have a good picture orgasm.
this is the removal omosèksuèl from jesus christ
our lord is difficult
we, (provide fortune) not surprising

has the world suffered the same address?
i was little my daughter made me sad
bullet holes in our window
you should go to sleep