Facebook war

my least utterance takes your utmost concentration
clench-fisted into the cloud
and then you lapse into facebook silence
because you cannot comment or like anything
that’s not a recipe or a status quo
you all talk alone like innocent bystanders
and ooze a virtual cream to mitigate fervor
but I shall be your skin rash ever to return
to trouble your pores with reddish armadas
through confrontation of your silence
although the risk here is that you will not understand
hence this simple approach as if for kids
with which I insistently and Walcottianly
destroy rhythm

but I am constantly reprimanded with indifference
from all the corners of the invisible globe
none of my great statements and truths are heeded
no recognition of the universal values of my teachings
is granted nor are these grasped in any manner
and I lapse myself into full internet war
a sermon in the virtual desert
I am like an idiot to them whom do not listen
bringing forth proof of their meaninglessness
like an astronaut brings back home the photograph
of the visible globe below his oversize boots
still nobody wants to see it
and I must hang it alone on my rich walls
already too rich as proof of my meaningfulness

it is paradoxical that I would condemn to my silence
those who are indifferent to what I bring
for they would never know of their punishment
yet I am increasingly oblivious of my future and theirs
as I grow in certainty that we will all be destroyed
that all action is futile
would I but still have the desperation and faith
of a school shooter or a terrorist bomber
but mine have been lost to facebook trivia
because you foam at the mouth with ignorance
when I speak you block your ears and box mine
leaving me to the pains of excommunication
the end to all communication between all
despite all that must be said