Vancouver idiots

(Photo: Facebook)

In the past months, the world has been witnessing a courageous and contagious outpouring of popular venting in the public place; whether violent or peaceful, these protests are consistent within the growing thread of conscience which is gradually enlightening many people to the realities of power and the instauration of a corporate world order. However, an apathy, which is the full consequence of this new seductive order, has installed itself intently in the spirits of North America, stunting any available promise of its emancipation, and effectively preventing the participation of its people in the struggle initiated across the Atlantic. Despite the tireless efforts of reduced numbers of individuals, acting rarely in conscience of one another, amidst the difficulty of organizing against the system that the system itself has engineered, no eruptive or disruptive tendency has prevailed nor endured the toils of the vaster exercise of indifference that annuls all its consequences and curbs its inception. Whatever means the system has used to induce this state of indifference, these have also been applied to the populations of Europe and the Middle East, yet in these latter places all tentative appeasement has been futile. The fact that, under similar circumstances, North Americans have not been drawn into the movement, can only be explained by the utter futility of their so-called civilization, or by the possibility that the methods of coercion and discouragement do reach higher levels in North America than elsewhere, and that they have been subtly constructed enough for this difference not to be noticed with the naked eye.

The most improbable explanation, however, became uniquely evident after Vancouver rioted (again) in apparent reaction to their hockey home team losing the seventh match of the Stanley Cup Finals: what this explanation stipulates is that most people in North America are actually mentally retarded. Whilst this was taking place, and the other half of the continent was asking for more muscle from police to stop any further rioting, millions of citizens, on the other side of the ocean, were using both riots and civil disobedience as means to express infinitely more legitimate issues than the outcome of mass sports. Whereas the inequities and injustices that cause protest elsewhere are also present in North America, it is not these which prompt a popular upheaval, yet minor issues, banal when regarded in contrast, succeed paradoxically in generating the same result. It could seem that North Americans are under particularly taut constraints with regards to upheaval in general, by societal constructions imposing psychological oppression upon the people, hence that upheaval would be highly unlikely; clearly, this point of view must now be discarded – the riots in Vancouver are proof that North Americans are capable of revolt, but consistently for the wrong reasons.

The worst of all is that this is not an isolated case: the inexplicable fever of hockey has already caused riots in Vancouver, in Montreal and in other major Canadian cities. Here is a country that demonstrates and protests whenever the issue is sufficiently commonplace, and accepts the greater foe, holding its tongue whatever the circumstances, the head wedged in the sand. For decades, the hordes of headless hooligans, street-crazed riffraff, pusillanimous teenage angst and suburban fauna were, if not tolerable, at least excusable on the grounds of the sheer lack of culture and cohesion of an abandoned colony, and at least by force that nobody else in the world was revolting at that time, except behind walls – real or imaginary –, with known dire consequences which could not encourage any serious emulation. When the revolts started to spread – something that has been dubiously dubbed the Tunisia Effect – the responsibility of making a stand became evident in the hearts of many, but not for North Americans, who have chosen to ignore the tocsin indefinitely. Instead, they can be seen indulging in mass hysteria whether it is for a new product, a teenage heartthrob’s show or a lost sports game, and indeed the extent of their revolt could be justified with other reasons, which exist, but are inexplicably not even mentioned.

While it is unjust to judge the whole continent for a few thousand people’s idiocy, unfortunately, nobody else is choosing to make enough of a stand for any other reason, and especially not for the ones that matter, being those which motivate their counterparts in Europe and in the Middle East. The general trend in Vancouver is to condemn the violence, engaging in the same idiocy as the others, and effectively becoming entwined in a mass circus which destroys their ability to revolt for the real reasons. Many criticized the G-20 protesters in Toronto in 2010 in the same terms that they have condemned the Stanley Cup riots, hence confirming that the public perception in North America is hurtfully far from nuance and unfavorable to revolt even with a greater-than-life justification. This is because a particular group of people is especially large in North America, and that their cultural, financial and political power is as exclusive as it is meaningless: sports people; these are sports celebrities, players, referees, coaches, and of course this huge specimen epitomizing North America at its least graceful shape – the mass sports fan. Their say is greater than that of all the other social groups combined, and they seem – unknowingly, it must be conceded – to be dictating the status quo of their society with worrisome results.

Our civilization has somehow enabled the uneducated to accumulate and acquire virtually anything; the most recent trend has been the progressive usurpation of the cultural etiquette by mass sport – the vulgar display of controlled violence and its corresponding opportunistic mythology. The uneducated also have the access to education and self-education, through the wide availability of information in our world, and this latter is certainly one of the factors that have nurtured the Middle Eastern and European revolutions. However, self-education has and has had no special incidence in North America, where the mythos of sport has been blown so crudely out of proportion, that the only voices that can be heard are those of mediocre jocks, who train at the gym, memorize game scores, indulge in condemning the unique and the sublime, despise real culture and issues, and generally engage in a falsely virile attitude vaguely reminiscent of erect simians. On second thought, the system appears to have made an excellent job here at retaining the revolutionary instincts of a population by channeling them through the filter of sport-induced hysteria, but it still does not explain why similar sports-related rioting also exists in Europe and elsewhere, alongside rioting and disobedience of a wholly different nature. The sport-drugged douchebag engaging in inebriated mayhem seems to be a symbol of international stature, but the common citizen of North America is inherently against the very thought of revolt itself, whatever the circumstance. The ruse of the powers that be has been to use the former to dissuade the latter, and at this they have succeeded admirably.

In the meantime, every North American should excuse him or herself to their European and Middle Eastern counterparts, for the increasing docility of their behavior, for their participation in the demise of their history, and to their own children, for not having known how, when, and how much to defend their future. A populace who stands down and feasts on ignorance has what it deserves: abusive governments and diminishing rights and wits; on the other hand, a people who stand against injustice has what it deserves: justice. Let there be no confusion about the punishment that North America shall receive – it shall come from the hands of North Americans themselves, and not from terrorists nor from an alien evil, as is so frequently alleged to perpetuate the common fears. Every mass sport event confirms the slow death of the North American’s capability to shape and mold the future, and as time runs short from all perspectives, and the walls close in on them, urging action, their greatest risk is that they will not even realize the impending doom, and will probably face annihilation very much as a decadent Roman would have – stoically ingurgitating more and more grapes while watching the gladiators die, to a backdrop of Rome in flames.