Verbo senex in corpore xanax

perros precisos vienen a aullarme en la cara
perros dibujados desdibujados
matrices de alma seca
almanaques de sarna

tribe and diatribe
falsity of odors and gleams
fear of savagery
written on the inside of walls
lurking precipitously
from ornate ceilings
sputum and trust
hand in wrist

son mis miedos genocidios
picos y palas de larga sombra
que avanzan con antorchas en la noche sucia
gimiendo carbones

to fling the ersatz with might
to lower the world into water
to splash and seam entwined
arctic and tropic
in one impulsive act of reason
from one molecule to the next
a passage of state
in powerful stillness blessed

truhan soy pero inocente
en mis palmas no hay machete sino cieno
ciénaga incendiada
entre sudores de fiebre

the impressive antennae of hope
hoisted or poised
in multiple trances propelled
glare at changing moments of the sea
they inspect the despicable
and the anguished
and produce those sorts of honey
which impale the guilty

sangre llamando
pronto se estrecharán los valles
las cimas se harán amenazantes
y torcerán sus hocicos de musgo