Who said I'm dark?

Who said I’m dark? The world is dark!
Its sinuous plains and armors bleak,
its pompous streak,
can only leave a blackened mark!

Who said I’m dark? Crude oil is dark!
Its desp’rate business leaves a trail
to no avail
that stupefies the oligarch.

Who said I’m dark? The night is dark!
The shadows quirk into the deep
and whilst we sleep
black matter seeps forth from the quark.

Who said I’m dark? A crow is dark!
Its plumage filtering the light
ready to fight
another crow or kill a lark.

Who said I’m dark? White lies are dark!
The politics of ignorance
to whom all dance
regardless of the hungry shark.

Who said I’m dark? The ocean’s dark!
A thousand fathoms underneath
one cannot breathe
yet wondrous creatures live there, hark!

Who said I’m dark? Darkness is dark!
Those with no ref’rence will conceal
to their last meal
the curious wisdom of my spark.