The experience of drowning

Frequently feeling ugly and unattainable, then distilling the anger followed by despair, such is the key to my semantic success. I know and need not hear of my uniqueness; only the scent of dreams coming true will force my retreat to the fertile caves of self-deprecation, solo whipping and social suicide.

Not understanding the futile flow of free-falling lives around me, I try to find solace in the experience of drowning.

The only monument I could build and commend to hope was clinging to an alien body while covering it with earthly supplications and semen; an alien body so distinct and yet so similar to mine, in every point describable as myself yet in each point intricate and separate, a pontificate of alienation.

I could only bring about a casual change, so profound in its roots and treasures that it could not tolerate compromise, in itself the beginning of its end, at odd ends with evenness.

Yet change is no angel, change is no swaying luck; it ebbs fortuitously, with furious transcendence, at the point of anchor.

For as one self we grieve and as one self we give ourselves to life, such is the limping power of what sets us apart from one another.

No desolation can be greater than to know we are condemned to live and leave a scarring trace in the language of the universe. Yet this trace can only be interpreted and its intelligibility alone will determine its degree of survival.

This is the purpose of technique, to codify highways for this universal intelligibility in order to ensure that the trace has a better chance of survival.

Throughout the unresolved traces one can see the bigotry of man emerge, as in the bible being repeatedly translated like an oyster would translate its own gargles into Russian or Linux (or Google for that matter).

It is imperative that a greater degree of perfection be achieved by all alike, or more unresolved traces will continue to cause wars and propagate misunderstanding.

The traces we leave must be clear and durable; one must not be able to subject them to doubt, alteration or mockery of any kind.

Each of us must be a light spread across our own.