The experience of flashlights

when you feel that you are dealing with
the threshold of dance
thus is the god of the screen
for laughter and blister
you do not have any other law
we will reward you with empty hands
your parents think
as a love of the number
but do not have a child they know
when they leave
we want to know
know that the cold can cry
we know you want to get
to know your hands
to keep your hands ready for anything
be prepared to wait
to invite
to reduce barriers
we know that you love
and who shall love us to refuse?
we do not tend to give up
even if it means stupid air
compressed air
flashlights on your snout
corridors of transgression
it occurs quantically every second
a solemnity immeasurable by hand
not just prisoners and responsibility
but leaders and children
duty order
heavy responsibility stars orbit
responsibility plants animals minerals air
responsibility hard soft round oblong pentagonal
there is a responsible life hidden in the sun
how about you?
this law is the vision and all risk is suspended
you do not have any other law
address will happen
you know
we are so stubborn to remove
the perverted Christ
that we are not surprised (at heart!)
that the world has yet to suffer from the old lie
we said this is just a friend you let us go now
bullet hole in the window
but you are asleep