Mother boredom

it happens I need
positive challenge I’m just
one of those fools who never
needed Ritalin nor did he
meet mother boredom
I never had to drown in
bourbon to need 
a hard on

if left unchallenged I
creak into horizontal distress
and emulate the animal
calls which assail me
if I cannot converse on the
same level I’ll ooze
the adversity some believe
I am made of

it was such a pity
and a shock
to find you were all
there all there and staring
helplessly fathoming stopped
in your tracks needing a lie
any lie
to move on

you separate intrepidly
the sight and the unseen
as one cannot reach the other
but if any succeed in persisting
one by staying unseen
the other a seeing thrust
then both would fail
to be defined

(and a sense would lose
its sense)