Socialites and anemones

that curious inflation
of the self
that occurs in candid moments
candid and impractical

that spurious dilation
of the socialites and the anemones
feverishly sharing
in some party of tentacles
entwined as farewells

that furious radiation
which elates
and elongates the given norm
averting spirits away
from sterile trodden ground

there is that that cannot be chosen
and that that cannot be done
be gone anger
be gone fear and strangeness
of a scowl in need of hope

that is there and here
this is thus and then
agglutinated and sore
a lesson in the uniqueness
of any mind’s subtle delusion

that cling which necessitates
a laughter of a kind that can silence
a bird’s mere core of trauma
suddenly stating its stance
anointing somehow

in spite of the spread of that
in that thread of spite
of involuntary forgiveness
there is a game of belief
and believer

a tribal goose-pimple
blusters forward like a mist
of skin breaking free
and earthly trust occurs