Hamelin reenactment

a luring tone is required
for a powerful Hamelin reenactment
it must not be vain
regardless of scope and reach
the instrument must not be hollow
it must not be frightened
all its keys must open doors
the luthier who conceives it
must be holy of heart
his ear must be dented with flair
and his body
must have known deception
whatever the price or panorama
for what exudes falsehood
falls into rabid traps
but this must be curative
the ear is ensnared and lingers
in an unstoppable limbo machine
crippled with beauty
alas not ours for trust or touch
the inequalities persist
a flutter of cars brings us back
to where we were snatched from
everything is just as predictable
a decorative population remains
all parameters are unchanged
traffic-lights behave as expected
they regulate pristinely
their codes of color well oiled
at the denser point of the present
we absorb and are absorbed
by sharp recesses of oblivion
diminutive gems of time
encrusted within various ratios
of a perishable cortex
yes we have been transmuted
and permeated with a different hope
one in which we still cannot wake
at least not for prolonged intervals
not yet and not for all
for those who reach it
it is demanding and exhausting
it is a pinnacle of want
a proclamation of itinerary
and a statement of destination
the wanton fragments of identity
tossed into thin air
and reconfigured by sheer will
we are the codes
we the authors
we the encoders and the decoders
we the codec dreams
we the broken fingers
of transatlantic cables
coated with gutta-percha
and gnawed by the abyss
we to choose
we to be chosen