NYC cops: jihad or karma?

New York City cops are out of hand. Already feeling ennobled and pompously heightened in their post-9/11 egos, these militarized fools, an integral part of the force which is presently terrorizing America with its high-tech apartheid tactics, act in amazement when they suffer an act of retaliation. They are now saying that Mayor De Blasio and Al Sharpton are guilty of the murder of two cops because they have instigated a “jihad” against the police. Some tweets even blame Obama and Jesse Jackson. Such a tirade can only emanate from those who cruelly lack a sense of context, but none could be expected from trained assassins who obey, perhaps unknowingly at the mercy of the perverse mental leverages of society, the interests of corporate hegemony.  

The worrying tendency of worldwide police to be antagonized by the very elements it is meant to protect and serve can only signify that the sense and essence of policing have been eroded. The public debate about the excessive use of police force, brought about by the alarming number and nature of recent deaths of unarmed colored men at the hands of armed white cops, has been ground to a screeching halt by the legal system by choosing to exonerate the police officers from their crimes. The people have every reason to feel uneasy and uncomfortable about the exonerations in a society where no sense of justice has been perceived over the issue. It becomes increasingly evident that a black president, were he a Peace Nobel Prize-wielding warmonger as is required by corporate America, is not sufficient to combat racism in the USA.

It is sad but unsurprising that two police officers were executed in New York last Saturday and one on Sunday in Florida. Yet a government who did not hesitate to sacrifice its own police officers and firemen on 9/11 could have easily resorted to orchestrating the murder of these cops in order to scare the debate into a hasty closure and avoid future unrest; and blame it on a crazy loner. This crazy loner modus operandi seems to be mushrooming all over the press – from the Ottawa Parliament shooting, to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu incident, all the way to the Australian Café Lindt. Lee Harvey Oswald seems to resuscitate every few weeks. Every time something huge happens, the news spew a scapegoat’s story of desperation, usually tinged with a zest of Islamic terrorism (in Oswald’s time twas communism), and the preemptive militarization is thus justified and becomes accepted by the population.

Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown… the list is endless and Jim Crow is seemingly alive and well. Anonymous recently exposed that KKK in Ferguson were at large and continued to infiltrate the administration and civil forces. Yet here are NYC cops, inebriated with their Hollywood-fuelled hype, saying others have blood on their hands while theirs are permanently stained. The insolence and bluster of these officers is profoundly detrimental to a fair notion of justice and they are in no position to issue opinions of any sort after repeatedly getting away with murder. The cops’ policy of escalation of force since 9/11, the sheer military deployment of what is a civil force against the very people, the insane multiplication of SWAT teams all over America – all these factors have actively contributed to a mass confrontation.

It is hence pointless to accuse others. Even though the individual officers who were slain could or could not have been part of the oppressing and corrupt, they represented a faction in a war. Had they not been wearing a uniform inside a police car, they would certainly not have been struck. The individual deaths must be lamented and condemned, but the blow against police cannot be entirely deplored, as it inevitably instigates – fractionally, imperfectly, unjustly, it is granted – precisely the sense of justice that was generally perceived to be absent from the situation, aggravated death after death without a sole cop being convicted.  

One only needs to witness, or even observe on social media, police abuse worldwide to gather a sense of the build-up of resentment that this has been fostering and even to experience the rage for oneself. It is difficult to grasp the almost sectarian protestations of police now that the parity of conflict has been established: just as some members of the police have indiscriminately killed citizens, citizens are now killing police. The most obvious reaction from cops should have been humility, solidarity with and justice for victims of abusive police force; only then can police aspire to earn back the credibility it has lost. But police have reacted stupidly; again, no surprise here. Coldly, there is nothing amazing about this. What did they expect? And dare they hashtag it “jihad”, such an un-american term? 

Cops are clearly dangerous. Who protects us from them? Not a crazy loner, not a prudent Mayor, not a cornered president, not a wheelchaired veteran, not a colored pastor, not a jihad, not a news bulletin, not the UN, not the internet, not me… Some say prayer is useful yet, although prayer alone has never killed anyone, it is unlikely that we will ever agree on that either. There is no easy solution, but getting cockier is obviously not the way to appease the fear that any one of them might be next. They call it karma. The world today is one where Kim Jong-Un can silence Sony but NYC cops cannot be taught humility by any means.