Two successive handkerchief knots


it is found in fat
creased within creatures and carried
in the wind around the words to be spoken
in a stretch of surprise

a knotted growl can be a common alarm
for a greedy king of the mouth
greedy and without light
or a burst of fluid gasps
while waiting for rebels

it could be wrestled and prevail
acutely thrown out of curiosity
and cool down enough to function again
curled up like a riot growing under unknown feet
huddled around every wound

ever gaining scheduled nobility and aura
it would soon enough bear the standard
of those whose peace no other has grazed
no other has consumed


I walked my half
I accepted to be a passage
even if I did not intersect

and then death has no interest for me
(none:  I am surprised,
I even sleep, eat, my love)

braid our lives for I do not want memory
I do not want the camera
to capture this rich getaway

(yes: your awful words)
you are a weird socialization
I suffered before I met you

it is expected that you should refuse
hope the cold unto me
for it preserves all full well